June 2023

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Cats have a lot of superstitious beliefs attached to them, however, they’re animals just like other pets, and could make wonderful companions too! Cats are more low maintenance compared to dogs. They do not need to be walked as often

Dog food can be expensive, and one might wonder, isn’t dog food a bougie thing, can’t I feed my dog eba and ewedu and be fine? After all, he’s an animal and animals can eat anything right? Technically, dogs can eat

What do cats have in common with cataracts? Nothing! A cataract is a clouding of the lens which has causes vision to diminish. The lens in the eye is a transparent, flexible tissue which focuses light as it passes through

If kids and pets have anything in common, it would be the dislike for bath time, but this can be a fun bonding time once you go beyond the drama. So how do we get our furry friends to cooperate during