Pet Grooming 101: Bath Time

If kids and pets have anything in common, it would be the dislike for bath time, but this can be a fun bonding time once you go beyond the drama.

So how do we get our furry friends to cooperate during lather time? We have a few suggestions, however, first things first, not all pets have to be washed regularly, some pets need to be bathe once a week, others once a month. Seek advice from your vet to know how often to wash your pet.

Bath Time Tips

  • Brush your pet if it has hair to get rid of shed hairs and identify knots. That way, bath time would not take too long or be painful
  • Remember Goldilocks? Don’t let the water be hot or cold but just right! In other words, lukewarm
  • If your pet seems nervous or unwilling, coddle and reassure the pet and gradually and gently lead the guy to his bath place
  • Avoid loud noises, which might include opting for towel drying rather than a blow dryer
  • Reward your pet with treats and what you would normally. Overtime, this can train the pet to see bath time as a good thing

And that’s all folks! Do you have any other tips? Do let us know in the comment section.

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