The Pawrents guide to health and wellness

If our pets could write pet owners a letter what would it say? Our expert animal translators were able to process and draft a sample of what your beloved pet, Benjamin, could say:

Dear Pawrent,

I hope you are well, here is a guide on how you can keep me at optimum for long:

a. Take me to the vet often enough, so that I can be healthy and strong
b. Walk with me every day, keep me running and my little heart pumping
c. Don’t leave me alone, I like your company, it is good to keep me smiling
d. I like a good diet, not too much, not too little, but nutritious so I can grow well
e. I need to look good, groomed and trimmed not as if I from the sky fell
f. Get my eyes checked and my teeth too, and any medications should be given

I hope my guide helps, and that you understand, six simple steps to keep me living.

Yours faithfully,

We hope you enjoyed reading Benji’s well versed letter, and using the tips he shared!

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