Why cats make wonderful companions

Cats have a lot of superstitious beliefs attached to them, however, they’re animals just like other pets, and could make wonderful companions too!

  1. Cats are more low maintenance compared to dogs. They do not need to be walked as often and usually groom and clean themselves regularly. For someone who loves pets but with a busy lifestyle, cats are a wonderful pet option for you!

  2. Cats are cute and cuddly! Well so with dogs you might say but you’d find that cats have more variety in their show of affection.

  3. Cats are intelligent animals. They can learn new information quickly, for instance, they are quite easy to potty train, and they can communicate to an extent with their owners.

  4. Cats can help reduce the chances of allergies and asthma in children and also a common choice of allergy-friendly pets for pet lovers. However, do consult with your vet and also immunologist should you have allergies and wish to get a cat as a pet.

  5. Cats are relatively quiet, compared to their canine companions who sometimes love to bark and loudly too.

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