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CRITTERS provides a multitude of surgical procedures including, but not limited to:

  1. Spaying and Neutering: spaying and neutering refer to the removal of the reproductive organs of dogs and cats. Spaying is the term for the females while neutering commonly refers to males. The procedure provides many benefits to you and your pets including reduced pet aggression,
  2. Abdominal Exploration: This is a surgical procedure that refers to opening up the abdominal area of your pet for thorough examination. Some abdominal issues might not be discoverable with less intrusive methods, and this procedure enables us to ensure accurate diagnosis.
  3. Wound Management: The treatment and care of a wound to facilitate healing, and contain infections in order to implement recovery. Where a wound has been caused for whatever reason; surgery, cuts, abrasions, incisions, burns, bites etc, we are able to cater to your pets needs and nurse back to health.
  4. Growth Removal: The removal of lumps, bumps or any other abnormal growth, whether benign or cancerous, found within or on your pet. With regular check up, we are able to discover and take care of any abnormal growth before they cause complications to your pets.
  5. Orthopaedic Procedures: The treatment of damage and disease to the bones and muscles in your pet. We know pets love to play and so we are here to put them back on track whenever the need arises.


We are here for all your surgery needs. Book an appointment today with us to get started.