Do you know the most popular dog breeds?

Man’s best friend though they are, they come in different breeds and while some are smarter, others are closer to man than others.

It is normal to educate oneself about the different dog breeds that exist because then, you can make an informed decision when getting a dog and also if you are ever around one.

Some dogs are better as pets and others are great for security or as police dogs. These categories of dogs are the most popular kinds because they fit into these useful roles as pets or security.

So in getting a dog, apart from making sure they fit your family lifestyle and taste, what you need the dog for should also come into place.

In no particular order, the 10 most popular dog breeds include:

  1. Labrador Retriever: Labrador Retriever is a very family-oriented, lovable dog. It is most likely very popular because it is affectionate and loyal and since many people get dogs as family pets, it naturally draws the heart of many towards it. The fact that they can also double as guard dog amidst the tummy roll is a very huge attraction for many.
  2. Golden Retriever: This dog is also a very popular and preferred breed because they are loyal, very friendly and patient, therefore, great with kids. They are known to be particularly liked by kids. Like the Labrador Retriever, they are also good service dogs, so they can double as guard dogs.
  3. German Shepherd Dog: This breed of dog is popularly used as a police and service dog. Their intelligence and activeness make them a favourite of the force. They, however, also have a very affectionate side with their loved ones, therefore, they can be gotten for the house too. Although they can be quite difficult to control if the owner doesn’t make it known early enough who is in charge but they are very loyal. You can trust a German Shepherd to protect and defend the family.
  4. French Bulldog: French Bulldog is a very adorable dog because of its large ears that make it constantly look like a puppy even though it is growing. Their cute wrinkles also call to people. They are very perfect for the family because of how cute and sweet they are.
  5. Bulldogs: With a stocky frame and known to sleep a lot and said to lack swimming skills, a bulldog is built tough and looks tough but also very affectionate to its loved ones. They are quite independent and might find it hard obeying commands unlike many dog breeds, but they are home-loving and loyal.
  6. Beagles: If you are looking for a dog breed with an incredible sense of smell, a beagle is one. It can be used to smell trouble if you used by the force but also uses its incredible smell for mischief around the house. Stocky as well, beagles can carry on dog conversation incredibly with the hilarious sounds that come out of them. They are also great family dogs.
  7. Rottweiler: Due to its size, the Rottweiler can be very intimidating and many labels it as a dangerous dog, but it can be really affectionate as well. The dog is great as a guard dog and as a family dog. But it needs to be trained strictly and taught structure because that is not something it is naturally used to.
  8. Chihuahua: Chihuahuas are known for their small size but their size doesn’t keep them down, they are also confident. Their size makes them attractive as pets and they are a great companion, known for nipping when they feel harassed, however.
  9. Boxer: This dog breed is active, energetic and playful. They are good as guard dogs and also great with kids because of how playful they are, kids can relate to their playfulness and vice versa.
  10. Poddle: This dog breed is one that unknown to many is very intelligent. It has a soft appearance but actually strong. They are very popular among humans, get along well with other dogs and also very good at entertaining.

As much as we love dogs, the breeds of dogs mentioned in this post are the most popular ones. Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to why some of these breeds are popular.

Now over to you. Which one of them do you love and why? I will like to read your comments

How to Choose The Right Vet Clinic for Your Pets

Do you know how to choose the right vet clinic for your pets?

As humans, we always make sure to be careful when making a decision about the doctor to consult for our health issues.

This is because we understand how sensitive and important being in good health is. It is clear that we will give the same consideration to our pets and as the guardian or “parent”, sometimes, making a decision on what’s best for your pets can be overwhelming.

Veterinary doctors are not as prevalent as human doctors, so it is expected to find it even more difficult to make the right decision on who to consult for your fur friends.

You don’t have to stress anymore about it because these pointers will help you know what to consider and the right questions to ask to make the right decision of the vet clinic for your pets.

9 Top Factors to Consider When Choosing A Vet Clinic in Nigeria for Your Pets

Accreditation: It is important to find out that the clinic is accredited or licensed to practice. You never know the number of quacks masquerading as actual doctors out there. So it is important to be sure an actual doctor is the one tending to your pet.

Experience: It is not enough to have graduated as a Veterinary Doctor and be licensed to practice sometimes experience matters. The number of years of practice can make a difference between how two doctors or two clinics will relate and treat issues. You can find these out by simply asking. There is really nothing wrong in asking, especially to be certain of the person who would be in charge of something as sensitive as health. However, years of experience might not always matter because some doctors who are fresh out of school might be just as brilliant, so you should consider other factors as well before making your conclusions.

Speciality: Hopefully, your pet never becomes too sick it would need a specialised doctor but it is better to be safe than sorry. Some Vets go further to get certifications so they can be specialised in other areas beyond the basics. You should find out how many vets the clinic has and if they have specialists in the clinic as well.

Emergency: It is important to use a clinic where the hours are flexible and you wouldn’t be left out in the cold just because it is after office hours, especially if it is an emergency. Find out how they deal with emergencies both during and after office hours. Do they have provisions for emergencies or not?

Services: This is also important to find out the kind of services they offer in choosing the right vet clinic. The extra service offered could be a reason to pick one vet clinic over the other. For instance, home service is a very good service that some vets offer and you could consider if, for instance, you have a tight schedule.

Facility: A clean environment cannot be overemphasised. Check to see every nook and cranny that is open to non-staff so you can vet how clean they keep their environment. It is public knowledge that germs breed in a dirty environment. It is dangerous to have your pet treated or cared for in a dirty environment. Make sure there is no bad smell and everywhere is well-maintained and kept clean.

Price: Note that quality care should always be more important than fees but you can also hardly go beyond your income for services rendered. What this calls for is a balance. Don’t go for low quality and you don’t necessarily need to break the bank. What you need to do is look around more and find a place that can offer you quality at an affordable price, trust me they are available.

Location: In case of emergency and even for your convenience, the clinic should not be too far from your home. It should be somewhere you can access easily.  Also, the area where it is located should be something to consider. Is it a safe neighbourhood or a rough neighbourhood where you are at the risk of being mugged? You should put all these into consideration

References: This might just be the first point to consider. Ask your neighbours, friends and family who have pets to refer you to the vet clinic they use. When you have gathered a list of vet clinics, then you can vet them based on the factors listed above before making your final decision.

Note that it is necessary to find a vet clinic for your pet even before your pet falls sick and also go for periodical check-ups just like regular check-ups are important for humans.

Make an appointment to go to the clinics to examine their operations and ask all the necessary questions, so you can make a decision before taking your pet around different clinics and doctors to evaluate.